Monday, 19 June 2017


I needed a commander for my Hussar Wing... who better than Hans Joachim von Zieten?!
He shouldn't really be with those troopers from HR5 but they were left over, purchased from Levied Troop and are so beautiful I wanted to make use of them.
My effort doesn't really match up but I look forward to galloping these across the battlefield!
Apologies for the flock stuck to Hans, I obviously didn't blow hard enough!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Jager Von Wunsch

Perry Miniatures AWI re-purposed for my army.  I should be doing terrain boards for a big game but who can resist the painting table on a glorious day off when you have toys like this! 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Clash of the Titans!

Or... Please give me my hat back...

Don't ask...

HR2 Zieten

Finally!  No more Hussars for a bit.  They are not good for you!
Late because I hate Photobucket.  Uploading pictures is becoming more hard work than painting Zieten's Hussaren!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

General of Freikorps

Another diversion from proper troops!
This gruff looking General will be in charge of my Freikorp and Garrison regiments.

To his flank, a  Hussar from Regiment Number 4 has lost his mount but pauses to consider letting off a round at the enemy ahead.*

You can't see them properly because of the angles but there is two puddles being splashed through by both figures.  Annoyingly my varnish for the water has dried up** so will have to wait until I embark on my river project...

*Not that my Freikorps ever seem to point at the enemy past turn 1.
**I only used it errrr 3 years ago...

Sunday, 12 February 2017

King Frederick II

Well I couldn't resist doing Der Alte Fritz.  He's obviously in one of his moods as he looks with disdain at a Seydlitz Hussar who thrusts a dispatch his way.  A Flugeladjutanten of Cavalry rides at his flank.

Originally this was going to be a bigger stand with a troop of escorting Dragoons and some battlefield splatter - but somewhere along the line I decided to make it smaller, more gamey and that with my tiny collection and painting ability I should be less precious!  In 30 years when I have an army, he could always slot in to a bigger scenic diorama.

All figures by Wargames Foundry.  
The Hussar originally had a sword which I whipped off, drilled out and put a sausage in.  The pose is probaly a little dramatic but we could just perhaps imagine that the contents of the dispatch is of high importance... 

'Fritz come quick, ze Soup is ready.'

Sunday, 5 February 2017

General von Perpl

Every army needs a figure representing you.
Well this one looks nothing like me but I am to pretty to be shrunk down to 28mm.
And I don't tend to hang about the house in a powdered wig.  Though I'd like to.
Girlfriend won't let me. :-(

The monument? A dice with a 1 pip on it.  Sums my Generalship up perfectly.  The infantryman puts his head in his hands in hopelessness as a following crow waits patiently for the inevitable meal left by my charges.
Mmm, Hussars.  Delicious.

As usual, apologies for my awful pictures.  Come the Spring, lets hope a light falls on this land.
I feel like I'm living in Mordor.

Some light!  Pressed up against the window on the Wargames Room , confusing the neighbours.

Monday, 30 January 2017

17/22 Puttkamer Grenadiers

A converged battalion of Grenadiers from the Manteuffel and Moritz battalions.
Really the Manteuffel's should have braiding across there lapels but I thought the White was so striking that I'd leave them out.  I'll do it on their Musketeer Regiment and all will be forgiven.

Awaiting Tufts and Pufts.

I will be bringing my Grenadier battalions up to 30 when I've cleared the current leadpile.  I'll add a middle figure base with an officer and a couple of pontoon wielders.

These are a little rough but have been painted in between several thousand night shifts and on a rubbish painting lamp.  Not as neat as I usually like but worthy of battle and OK from a distance of 8 feet!

The blue appears lighter in the photos because of the light but I have experimented with really black washing the Prussian Blue down and doing a tiny minimal highlight.  Prussian Coats were varied colours from battalion to battalion as from what I've read, Frederick wasn't to fussy and liked Uniforms on the cheap, so I'm quite happy with variations throughout my army.

More Command vignettes next.

Monday, 16 January 2017

HR5 Ruesch Hussars

Although I've not posted any new units of my own for a while its because I've done that age old Wargamer mistake of having several things on the go at once!  In the meanwhile I picked this beautiful unit up from Levied Troop.  They put my painting to shame, quite stunning from the intricate lace, the freehand skulls and the contrast of the faces.  I was also most impressed by the larger bases and the scattered figure placement.  This made me rebase my own Hussars to make them less gamey.  Now I want to start the next Hussar Regiment!  Agh Distractions!


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Battle of Mingen 1759

First game of the year saw a spontaneous get together at LT's awesome games room with his super furry sexy terrain.  With our various collections of SYW, Imaginations, Sepoys, AWI and anything in between with a musket, we tried out the Honours of War rule-set by Keith Flint.

With the usual ubiquitous scenario with stupid place names* I dreamt up at 4am on a night shift - LT and Goatmajor with their hoards had to attack a town and village defended by myself and Dave.
Quirks for the scenario was both sides deploying blind and each player secretly picking one Elite and one Shite unit each which would be declared only when they had to.
This was fairly interesting in that nobody appeared to put anything of force in the centre of the table!

Things immediately looked bad for the outnumbered Prussian-Medetian alliance when we rolled two dithering commanders and LT and Goat got double moves to fly forwards on both flanks.
However as dusk filled on both the battlefield and the games room - both objectives were held.

My Highlights of the game included;
  • On the first turn my designated crap unit was caught in march column by enemy artillery.  In true Purple tradition they fled on turn 1 to be put straight back in the box!
  • I managed to roll 5 ones** in a row on the commander initiative on the 'Dithering' General. Meaning a brigade sat for five turns just taking in the odd cannon ball.  Luckily LT and Goat had decided not to actually attack the objective they held...
  • IR29!!  I gave these the elite status in my brigade and they went through the game like the Stonewall Brigade! (Quite literally)  I think they saw off 3 Cavalry Units and 2 Infantry battalions.  Its an odd feeling having a successful unit.  I feel confused.
IR29.  The Stonewall Battalion.

Really liked the rules.  For me, they were in that sweet spot of feeling like a battle is being played but also a game.  These will definitely be played more and more.  The movement isn't complicated*** and the musketry engagements feel powerful and brief as they should.  The Rallying off hit points is my favourite mechanism.  It just works really nicely.  A battalion attacking losing points can disengage away front the battle and rally its points back to charge again later.  It brings so much realism into the tabletop game that would usually just have you sending your chaps forward until they're all dead and boxed.  Or just having a battalion being whittled down by long range artillery but with no close enemy they rally points off and keep just ticking over as they would.  (Unless a shite Freikorps unit hit by a dastardly massed battery on turn one...)

Apologies for pictures which seemed to focus on one end of the table and the IR29 who I now love as much as actual real life loved ones!

You shall not pass!

Many thanks to LT, Goat and Dave for a fun days gaming, doughnuts and an endless supply of Tea.

* Wankheim.  36 years old sniggering at Wankheim... 
**This makes me one in seven thousand.  As I shall tell my girlfriend when I next annoy her.
***Not that I did much personally - except backwards off the table in the first turn.